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I’ve got a blow out…

Can’t hold it, she’s breaking up!


Astromech unit…

An unit barely alive…

Gentlemen, We can rebuild it!

We have the technology!

We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic astromech!

Avayan’s R2D2 will be that astromech!

Better than it was before




OK, Maybe not faster, but definitely stronger!



R2D2’s Ankle Has broken. It seems like the end, but for some cosmic reason I always find a good excuse to make it a new beginning...

The cosmic reason is called MASOCHISM!


You start by cutting the different segments that when pilled up in 3D will make up the part.



Hmmm... Can this picture make better sense than the previous???


Hey! Wait a moment? That almost looks like... An ANKLE??? I’ll be darned!

In here I have glued all the segments. A jig was created to add pressure in all directions and make sure all the segments are squared to each other. This is to avoid having to fill gaps and sand excess out.


Pressure is applied to make sure the parts do not move away from their needed position while they are glued.


Meanwhile, my cat Salem is learning how to get this dirty job done. Maybe in the future she will need to repeat it...

What is she building?


This was way harder than it looks. I actually had to take a big block of wood, cut the bevel with the table saw without chopping my fingers off, and then sand the circular portion. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of this, but believe me when I tell you I hope I do not have to repeat it. EVER!

Ready for Mold

Hours and hours of filling and sanding later (close to a week worth of working on this part alone...) the part is ready for molding. I will use Smooth On brushable urethane rubber and a plaster of paris support exterior mold. The whole process will take two complete weeks. The goal is to take R2D2 to the Star Wars days in Plano Texas, but the very same morning...



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